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Newsletter Summer 2023


Hi there friends and family! The year is flying by, and it has been a great one both personally and professionally. Thank you all for the continued business! We made it through the newborn phase here and we have a full on baby now! Allison, or "old blue eyes" as I call her, will be 6 months old on August 8th! She is smiling and has two teeth and just started solids. She is loving sweet potatoes so far. 

The big kids are also making strides and we will have Jackson in 5th grade and Halley in 2nd grade. We have had a wonderful summer so far. Lots of family came to visit us due to the arrival of Allison (See the large group photo with our family from Georgia). Then we did a staycation here in the Valley with my mom and that was really fun too. The big kids did swim lessons at Palm Desert Aquatic Center and really made progress in swimming! We also went to Long Beach and the kids got to visit with my great Aunt Ramona as well as some of our Oregon family.


Shaun has been on parental leave this month and cooking a lot. We celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary this month too! In other adult news, we joined Costco over the Summer and have really been having fun exploring all they have to offer. We like these things called "Burnt Ends" from there, and Jackson is crazy about their Kirkland granola bars. He says they're doing something right!

brown kids-4.jpg
brown kids-1.jpg

Rancho Mirage Library and observatory has some really wonderful things going on for kids and adults alike this Summer! Kids can catch a variety of presentations and activities during the week. Also the observatory is having open house several times this Summer where guests will have the opportunity to peer through their state of the art telescope.


My Kitchen

Taco Bake Salad

1 LB Ground Beef Taco Meat

3/4 Can of Corn, Drained

1 Can of Pinto Beans, Drained

3/4 Cup Crushed Tortilla Chips

Chopped Lettuce

Chipotle Ranch

Sliced Avocado

Diced White Onion

Chunky Salsa

Shredded Cheese

-Preheat Oven to 325

-Prepare Taco Meat according to seasoning packet

-Place crushed chips spread out on bottom of 9x13 pan

- Next layer Corn, then Beans, then taco meat in pan 

- Top with shredded cheese

- Bake for 20 minutes

- Toss lettuce in ranch dressing and top with a scoop of taco bake, a scoop of salsa, sliced avocado, raw onion

- garnish with more tortilla chips

brown kids-2.jpg



These will be the only discounted sessions offered this year. These sessions will be open to the public on September 1st. As a special thank you, only previous clients will have access until September 1st! Unique locations and limited slots available!


September 16th at Laguna Beach, CA

October 7th at Coachella Valley Preserve in Thousand Palms, CA

October 19th at Ramona Trail in Mountain Center, CA

October 22nd at Art Smith Trail in Palm Desert, CA

November 2nd at Mission Creek Preserve in Desert Hot Springs, CA

November 4th at Faye Sarkovski Sculpture Garden in Palm Desert, CA

November 5th at Quail Springs in Joshua Tree, CA

November 15th at the Windmills in Palm Springs, CA

December 2nd at Ship Rock in Palm Springs, CA

Click below for details.


Don't see a date that works above? You can still get a discounted session! Book with a friend! Work with me to find a date that works for both of your families. You can each book 30 minutes scheduled one after the other and get $50 off each. So the cost for a half hour session would be $225. I always appreciate the referrals!

brown kids-5.jpg


Inquire about portrait sessions and weddings here. Also if your desired service is not listed above, shoot me a message through here to get a quote on your specific needs. Talk soon!

Thanks for submitting!
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