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Don't worry if your child is not in the mood for photos

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

It seems like every parent's worst fear, and it should be mine. I have gotten used to children being moody though.

I know if parents can trust the process, we can end up with a beautiful gallery anyhow. Sometimes kids don't want to stay still and what they really need is interaction. I do not use stiff poses with families, because it is hard to get kids at the perfect moment that they might cooperate. Instead I ask the parents to interact with the child. Tickle them, throw them in the air, or cuddle them. A dance party is another favorite or mine, or just walking while holding hands.

Do not put unfair expectations on your young children during a photo shoot. Instead try not to stress, and just trust that your photographer is a professional. Not only at camera settings, but at getting the shots they need, even when a child is not cooperating per say. When parents stress about that, it only makes the child act out more. So trust the process parents! Try to have a great time, because a smile looks great on everyone!

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