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Getting Creative on Traditions

I love weddings, and I am always looking forward to the food. After the ceremony guests arrive at the reception, to find their table assignment. Usual traditions say that the tables have numbers, and people are assigned to sit accordingly. I have seen a few fun variations, like naming each table after a favorite cocktail. At my wedding we named the tables after constellations.

Both my husband and I love space, and the stars and to look at them. My favorite part of living in the Coachella Valley is close proximity to great stargazing, We both felt like our wedding was a great chance to tell people about us, and we had a starry night theme. Some people say themed weddings

are not cool, but I beg to differ. Your wedding should absolutely be about you two and who you are together.

One other great variation of table assignments and names have been this couple who loved to travel. Each of the tables at their reception was named after a place they had been, and in the center of the table were photos of them from that trip. I thought it was really fun. What are you into as a couple? Let's get planning!

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