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The Bubble

Recently I was approached about doing a newborn session. The client had their family photos taken for the holidays by me during my first year of photography. A new addition brought me to them once again. For privacy reasons I won't tell you the child’s name, but if you knew it then you’d know she was meant to have that name. Once I met her I could not imagine her having been named anything but.

As I walked into their gorgeous home I knew the light would be just right. Soft but bright enough to illuminate sweet details of tiny a nose and little toes that are just days into this loud and vivid world. In this bedroom though, time is not moving fast and everything is quiet. Speaking of time- what a time to be born! There is a pandemic going on. Intense fights for equal rights are going on and history is being made all around us. There mom & I sat chatting about the world having therapeutic and easy conversation.

The smell of a newborn brought me back to the bubble. I have two children of my own who are now 7 years [+4 months & 30 days] and 4 years [+3 months and 15 days] and I remember the first days well. Perhaps not the details, but I remember being in love with my babies each time. Absolutely and hopelessly in love.

It is the kind of love that will make you forget about time for a while. You cuddle them. You hold them. You smell the top of their head. I used to take in the deepest breaths on top of their heads. When you are in the bubble you don’t care. The outside world really doesn’t matter. Showers or a clean house may not matter either. All that matters is snoozing, feeding, and staring at your little one.

We caught the sweetest photos during that session. Mommy was smitten with the baby and could not get enough. We caught the baby smiling. We changed her a couple times. She ate a couple times and finally fell asleep. I smiled the whole time and just really enjoyed seeing my client love on that baby. Mom’s face lit up every photo it was in because she was so happy to have her daughter in her arms. There is nothing sweeter in the world than the bubble. I feel so honored when someone has let me into their bubble to capture a few precious moments that will go by too fast. Thank you sweet friend.

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