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Wedding Day Priority #1: Have Fun

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

I've been a bride myself. With the experience of having photographed about a dozen weddings, my goal is to be sure you're having fun. That is the number one wedding goal, period. Seriously, it is YOUR day and no one else's.

I have certainly witnessed couples worrying about seating arrangements on their wedding day. Other various things too that I won't mention. I've also seen a bride and groom have the time of their life chatting at dinner. There are such wonderful moments at weddings and they should be savored.

The fact is that you really only get this one big day and it should be about you both, but not anything else. Some really fun ways to make it about you is to offer a cocktail of your own. An Apricot Manhattan, a Grapefruit Margarita, a Fragrant Mojito. Maybe you offer a craft soda bar and no booze at all. The wants of your guests should be considered, but not take precedence over any serious wants of the couple.

Serve that gourmet vegan dinner. Have a BBQ. Get an In-N-Out truck. Have a Taco bar! Invite who you want to, period. Have open seating. Have a donut bar. Have corn hole wars. Pass out joints. Take silly photos. Hand out light sabres. Whatever it is you two want, do it! I always do my best to ensure the couple is having a great time. Inquire about available wedding dates.

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