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About Me


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Photos are not a gift for the present. They are a gift for when the kids are grown and you are old. Then they are for when you are gone and the kids are old. A day  will come when memories are all we have left. May they be full of love, dreams + good vibes.

What can you expect during a photo shoot with me? I will always ask you to make a silly face. I will ask you funny questions just to capture your reaction. I will tell you to smile at each other or to kiss each other. I will ask you to tickle your kids or throw them in the air.  I want to capture the real you! 

​ I feel blessed to capture these moments. I never imagined I would end up doing something I love, so thank you for considering me to photograph your special moments. You are all part of what make my dreams a reality. Much love to all who have helped and encouraged me along the way.

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