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About Me

"Capturing the love and heritage of families for generations who have not yet met this earth." 

This is my company mission statement. It is also the mission of my life. Ever since I was a child I have loved to look at old family photos. I am fascinated with genetics and how features carry on through generations, as if the collective spirit of the family is ever living. At the same time the spirit of a family is ever changing as children grow and find partners. Parts of two families merge and become a new family with their own special traits and traditions. I am honored to capture the evolution and I am so thankful to be chosen by each family. My hope is that you will see your family beautifully through my eye with my artistic perspective.

I am born and raised in southern California. I spent all of my 20s in the Chicago suburbs and those years certainly shaped who I am today. After meeting my now husband, Shaun, we decided to get married in Palm Springs, California. It was during our honeymoon that we decided to move to Coachella Valley and start our life. We have three kids and a dog. We both love off roading and iced coffee. 

Other than that you should probably know I am a bit cheesy, but not annoyingly so. I like genuine people who are honest. I am into space, and also bird watching. My current favorite podcast is Smartless. My favorite food right now is carnitas tacos with pineapple OR a greek yogurt parfait- I can't decide! Favorite Music is Radiohead! I started photography officially in early 2018 and it became my full time profession in early 2022. I have a bachelors degree in HR Management.

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